look how Key’s hat fall back into place ^^

i want to wish a very very happy birthday to an incredibly multifaceted human being. all of us have different sides to ourselves, different parts of our personalities that come out at different times and a head filled with so many ideas and thoughts and feelings. the range that i have seen in you is amazing and captivating and i know that there are so many more hidden away in you that many people will unfortunately never see, as there is with all people. but i’m glad that you are on this earth and i’m happy that i have been able to know even a fraction of the sides of yourself and who you are as a person. you are lovely and you deserve the most amazing birthday. i hope you feel so incredibly loved and appreciated and beautiful because you are and you deserve every bit of love you receive. happy birthday kim jonghyun and i look forward to wishing you happy birthday many more times in the future ♡

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minimalist posters of KJH
» 3 days til his birthday.

Happy birthday Kim Jonghyun ♥900408